Our Members

At TEG Rewards, we believe that at the heart of data quality is the source, our Members. Mums, dads, teenagers, hipsters, grandparents, professionals, students and retirees. From Sydney to Broome, Auckland to Dunedin, their thoughts, their opinions, they matter.

Our members are recruited from a variety of channels, including Ticketek, the Nine Network and Ninemsn as well as a number of offline avenues.

Data quality and Panel Management

Upon joining Purkle, members agree to provide accurate and honest responses to surveys they are invited to.
Failure to do so will result in termination of membership.

Once fieldwork of a survey has been completed, survey data is checked and cleaned.

Respondents and how they interact with your Survey

To get the best out of the respondent your survey should be designed with them in mind. Some key things to look at
to help ensure the ideal respondent behaviour is achieved (i.e. considered, focused and honest responses).

  • optimising how a question is worded
  • the length of the survey
  • how you structure your questions
  • optimising your survey 'layout'
  • removing repetitive questions

Surveys that:

  • encourage members to be autonomous in their responses
  • have relatable and coherent questions
  • are engaging
...will minimise poor responses and satisficing behaviour, promoting high quality data.

B2B Panel

Trusted source for business sample, validated against proprietary commercial data sources such as:

  • the Australian Business Register
  • ASICs' company registered business name listings

Bounty Rewards

Access to Mothers - Reach out to mothers and families

Membership rewards program that provides relevant and intelligent information to:

  • pregnant women
  • new mothers
  • families
Bounty Rewards gives parents the resources to enjoy and celebrate each milestone of the parenting lifecycle.

Bounty Rewards members are:

  • highly engaged mothers
  • primary household decision makers
  • at different stages of the parenting lifecycle
  • members who enjoy offering their opinions and receiving relevant content